Falcon Beach - Characters


JASON TANNER played by Steve Byers

Steve ByersJason Tanner has lived in Falcon Beach all his life. Traumatized at 14 by the drowning death of his father, Jason works with his mother at the Falcon Beach Marina of his Dad's dreams. But Jason has his own dreams.

With his blonde curls, beach boy good looks and bronzed physique, Jason is an all-round athlete and sports aficionado. On the water, he is an expert jet skier, windsurfer, sailor and a competitive wakeboarder. On land, he revs up his motorcycle - and the girls. When he's not on top of the waves, the mechanical Jason is fixing boats.

This risk-taker and heartbreaker is about to learn in the first season that loyalty to your roots, your hometown and your friends is only true if you are loyal to yourself. More important, Jason is about to discover that life is about more than having fun.

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PAIGE BRADSHAW played by Jennifer Kydd

Jennifer KyddPaige Bradshaw is much more than brains, beauty and blonde hair. She is a complicated creature and a study in contrasts.

Born into the privileged world of the rich, Paige can be bossy and demanding one moment and soft and reserved the next. She is Daddy's little girl who arrives grudgingly at the beginning of summer in Falcon Beach a "hostage", but who makes the most of her circumstances anyway. She has chemistry with Falcon Beach's star sports attraction and local hero, Jason Tanner, but the two circle each other like caged tigers.

It is a season of many changes for Paige as she comes of age and copes with family problems behind closed doors.

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TANYA SHEDDEN played by Devon Weigel

Devon WeigelThe most beautiful - and tallest -- brunette in Falcon Beach, Tanya is a wild child whose brilliant blue eyes are the windows to the troubled soul of a teenager who has lived a life far beyond her years. She has returned home after fours years on a failed mission to become a top model in Milan, jaded by a world where drugs are the crutches of young hopefuls who lose their innocence far too early in life.

Tanya is trouble with a Capital T, a whirlwind who is all fury and fire. She is determined to battle her demons, but there are temptations at every turn. And drug-dealing rich bad boy Lane Bradshaw is one of them. She wants to be in control, but she is like a tornado that blows in every direction.

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DANNY ELLIS played by Ephraim Ellis

Ephraim EllisJason Tanner's loyal and best friend, Danny Ellis is the perfect sidekick. Disheveled and un-tucked, short and baby-faced, he runs the family-owned Playland, Falcon Beach's main strip arcade.

Danny is a poetic soul who makes up for his soft side with a comic flair. He is smitten by lifeguard Erin and his relationship with the waterfront cutie evokes in him an emotional range that is happy and sad, funny and serious. In declaring his undying love to Erin, he is confused and fearful about what will happen next.

Danny is growing up, but he is not quite ready to think about the future or a life away from Falcon Beach. He knows more about the history of this waterfront cottage community than anyone. And, as he has done every morning at the crack of dawn since he can remember, Danny drives the boat for expert wakeboarder Jason and is there to console his best pal on girl and parent problems.

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ERIN HADDAD played by Melissa Elias

Melissa EliasErin Haddad is the bikini-clad embodiment of summer fun and the connection to the natural splendor that is Falcon Beach's allure. In a place where surf meets sand and summer breezes wash over the unspoiled landscape of cottage wilderness, Erin relishes her summer job as lifeguard and hip hop aerobics instructor at the best address in town.

The daughter of conservative and traditional Lebanese parents, Erin lives in Vancouver and spends summers in Falcon Beach.

At love's crossroads, Erin finally decides it is best friend Danny Ellis who will take her heart. He has stepped in from the sidelines after three years to confess his true feelings to the object of his desire. Confused and afraid to make the leap from friend to lover, she finally accepts his invitation to stay on in Falcon Beach.

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LANE BRADSHAW played by Morgan Kelly

Morgan KellyLane Bradshaw is all about paybacks and buybacks, living it up and letting it out, the opposite of little sister Paige in every way. He is the visiting bad boy with a penchant for drug dealing and breaking the law. Wanted for questioning by Falcon Beach police in connection with a near-fatal accident involving the mayor's young son, Lane has made a quick, but brief getaway.

Neither mother Ginny's watchful eye, nor father Trevor's tough love can keep Lane on the straight and narrow. As he convinces them of his new-found morality and healthy lifestyle, he is still a manipulative scoundrel and saboteur who preys on the vulnerable. In this crowd of sun-drenched beauties, he drags the struggling recovering addict Tanya Shedden into a heap of trouble in his quest for drugs, money and a good time.

Lane has many enemies in Falcon Beach and a dwindling list of allies. If there is redemption on the road ahead, Lane is in for a bumpy ride and many curves.

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ADRIAN KEEPER played by Peter Mooney

Peter MooneyAdrian is a handsome 25-year-old family doctor serving a compulsory stint in the remote outpost of Falcon Beach. He is spending the summer in the local clinic before moving back to Toronto to embark on a pediatrics residency at St. Mark's Hospital.

Adrian has attended the best schools in Canada, most recently The University of Toronto medical school. He is urban, cultured and extremely well-educated. He is charming and athletic but not really an outdoorsy type.

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COURTNEY TRUE played by Jeananne Goossen

Jeananne GoossenCourtney True drops into Falcon Beach in a sky-diving harness interrupting Jason and Paige as they become reacquainted after a winter apart. Courtney is hell-raising at her parents' cottage while they are in Europe and no one is safe from her pranks and her desires. Courtney is living so fast her emotions never get time to engage, but the dare-devil pursuits may be as much an escape as an enjoyment. There's a vulnerable centre to this apparently thick-skinned character and by the end of the season her world will crash and the consequences will be devastating. Courtney thinks she can dally with Jason, but falls harder and faster than she ever knew she could.

NATHAN RAI played by Stephen Lobo

Stephen LoboThis season sees the arrival of Nathan Rai a clever, self-assured lawyer in town to help Trevor swallow up the Tanner Marina on his way to resort development fame and fortune. A charming consigliere to Bradshaw's Machiavellian business exploits, Nathan finds himself drawn into the life of the town in ways he never expected. Long nights spent working in close quarters with Paige leads to amorous feelings and eventually to skinny-dipping with the boss's beautiful daughter, a potentially perilous activity. His tie irretrievably loosened, Nathan finds himself caught between his big city desire to win, and a small town desire to get the girl.

GINNY BRADSHAW played by Allison Hossack

Allison HossackGinny Bradshaw is the wife of Trevor and doting mother of Lane and Paige. She bears the weight of the world on her shoulders, but when she makes up her mind, there's no turning back. Ginny loves her husband, but their marriage is turbulent. His iron will and demands for perfection have created a family of dysfunction and a lonely existence where the indulgences of the rich hold no interest. Taking flight to Falcon Beach, she drags Lane and Paige to the lakeside summer home that has been in her family for 50 years.

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TREVOR BRADSHAW played by Ted Whittall

Ted WhittallFather of Paige and Lane and husband of Ginny, Trevor Bradshaw is a self made-millionaire with razor sharp business skills and an unforgiving heart. Currently under investigation by the securities commission, this larger than life power broker of the business world, risks losing everything he treasures, including the daughter who aspires to one day succeed him as CEO of the Bradshaw Group.

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DARLENE SHEDDEN played by Lynda Boyd

Lynda BoydTanya's ambitious "stage mother" and the sexy owner of the local beauty salon, Darlene hoped to make up for the dashed dreams of her youth when she pushed her daughter into a modeling career in Milan at the age of 14.

When Tanya unexpectedly returns to Falcon Beach as a young adult, Darlene is stunned and admonishes her daughter for her unwise decision to take a break from the profession. She takes little note of Tanya's emotional and physical fragility or her jaded outlook on life.

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PEGGY TANNER played by Jill Teed

Jill TeedPeggy Tanner is Jason's no-nonsense mother who takes the reins as a single parent to raise a remarkably well-adjusted son after the death of her husband. A resilient woman who is carrying on the marina business he built, she knows details about his life and death that she vows to keep secret from Jason.

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MOOK played by Stephen Eric McIntyre

Stephen Eric McIntyreMook is tough, dangerous, dark and moody. With the street smarts of a feral cat, he hangs out on the outskirts of town at beat-'em-up Interlake Hotel, his "business" office. He leads the independent biker gang "The Black Wings" and is ferociously territorial and unforgiving of any breaches of smalltime crime protocol.

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GEORGE TALLIS played by Blake Taylor

Tallis is the mild-mannered but weedy mayor of Falcon Beach. Ginny knows him from when she used to summer here with her family. He was always kind of a geek.

Tallis is determined to crack down on the drug use in the town and assigns the police department the task of going after its bad elements.

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GEORGIE TALLIS played by Bryce Hodgson

Georgie is the wild haired, excitable son of the mayor. At 14, Georgie desperately wants to be accepted by the older social group that includes Jason and Danny and will do anything to fit in.

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TYLER ELLIS played by Christian Mann

Tyler is Danny's 14 year-old brother. He helps Danny at the arcade and hangs with Georgie Tallis. He is very into music. He plays guitar and is a member of a band called the Toxic pygmies. He is frequently the object of ridicule by Danny.

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PHIL ELLIS played by Conrad Sweatman

Phil is the older of Danny's brothers, and also helps out at the arcade. Though clearly a geek, he is also mouthy and generally disrespectful to Danny's authority.

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